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Eye for an Eye here folks. This is a really disturbing subject but I thought I should throw in my thoughts.

David Icke first brought this subject to light for me in his book The Biggest Secret. This is a huge problem the world over. It's become institutionalized. Even the Pope needs to be brought to justice over this one. At the very least he is complicit in shielding his underlings from prosecution.

Any sex crime should be given the highest priority in our courts. Castration should be the norm. If children are involved, words can't describe the fury that should be brought down on these sickos. How about daily torture sessions for these people and they never leave prisons alive would be just a start.

AND don't ever forget our Govt. leaders. There are very few that are not guilty of these acts. You just can't make into the federal Govt without this hanging over your head. THEY control their actions by blackmail. Our two most recent Prezidential candidates, as an example, Skull and Bones!

Please excuse my choppy writing, this stuff just burns me up and I try to avoid thinking about this because there is nothing I can do about it and negative thoughts will consume you into a living hell.
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