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Default Re: Is It Possible For Corporations To Keep Their Big Fat Noses Out Of Our Computers?

mihai_bravu wrote:
I've found that the best way to stay secure on the internet is to use a fake IP address on a computer that doesn't belong to you.

Yes, it's moral.
To Truebeliever and Others: People do it all the time---especially at your local library.

They get a yahoo or hotmail address using a fictitious name. FOR NOW!!

The only problem is when the library asks for your library card in order to use the computer.

Then you're NOT so anonymous if anyone of "THEM" wants to know who used computer 10 at such and such time.

PS: Thumb scans are implanted in most of the mouses with clear sides. However, for those of you who don't think so----- Then why do you indulge in learning about conspiracy???

We must remember, that technology today is far more advanced then they tell us.

PSS: Used hand scan at work to clock in and out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next thing ya know, I'll have a chip in me. Maybe I already do. Just had surgery this month and had to go under.
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