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Default Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

Oh, lord . . .

Not only am I a fan of the first person shooter, I make mods, models, environments, charachters and weapons for these games. I've taken more first person shooters and modified them to my personal liking (more realistic the better) it's sick.

I've also gone to the point of no return . . . I recoded Unreal Tournament to be Virtual Reality compliant, because I wanted to actually aim the flak cannon at my brother (who always plays a Nali War Cow).

I've also made 3D models of naked women to make the shoot 'em ups more interesting. Boobs and carnage can make for a real interesting game . . . especially if the 'chickies' are packing heat.

But, that's the price you pay for having a laptop with all your art programs on it, and 8 hours a night at a security post . . . some pretty sick stuff gets created because the mind is 'bored'.

But for the reason of not getting sued, I'll leave the game material for myself. I don't think Carmen Electra and Pam anderson and others would appreciate the fact that I've manipulated countless images of them in order to make textures for nude character models of them to 'play with'.

But there are other games beside the first person shooter that I love to partake in. . . GTA Vice City is my favorite game of all time, so far. I haven't boutgh San Andreas yet, though. And in a way, GTA is even worse than the rest of them, because the other games don't have realistic elements of daily life in them that you are disrupting . . . how many times in GTA have I killed hundreds of innocent people at a clip because I got pissed off that a mission seemed impossible? All those poor computer generated souls. Gladly, no one in the real world was ever hurt by me due to a video game.

Play 'CRAZY TAXI' . . . my top score . . . 14,995 with 15 passengers . . . the secret is to take all the 'red' fares first to build up your time, and do a 'crazy slide' to finish every fare. . . if done right, you can easily rack up about $800.00 by getting 'caught' between the wall and the ground.

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