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Default Re: whats with all this talk about the 'Nephilim' coming back in the last days? where does it say that?

Thumper wrote:
LaDominio wrote:
Don’t bother believing what scripture states (if it even does in this case). It is but a means of control.

Anyone who challenges me on this is a clear example on how effective this is. They defend their own destruction.

You can only find the true path from within.
if the bible was a means of controlling people, why were the Christians living in the early American colonies the freest and most prosperous people in the world?
I have found the BIBLE to be a true book not by being taught it in some church, but by reading it. Reading is an internal process and the BIBLE is the word of GOD. I do not care whether you believe it or not. Your belief or disbelief means nothing to me or GOD.
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