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Default Re: Exterminating White People

Arjuna wrote:
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Kamau Kambon Interviewed
Kambon: “Listen: logic is a tool of the White oppressor class that is invoked to stifle the creative mentation of the Black man, whose mind functions according to ancient narrative patterns inscribed in the genetic memory and which is born of an oral rather than a text-based cultural dialogic.”

protein wisdom: “Wow. I hadn’t realized that --”

Kambon: “Yeah, well—It’s a black thing. You wouldn’t understand.”
You know, although I'm a white man, I can totally understand where he is coming from. It's strange, but you'll notice that white culture is stoic for the most part. White's tend to use the left side of their brains far more than the right.

Not so with blacks. Creative, right-brained culture is far mor prominent. This is good. The world needs a race of people who are not boring.

Being left handed, I relate to the black far more than the white man on most occasions.

The man is right. Elite whites want nothing less than the eventual extermination of the blacks. They at least want to make slaves out of them for as long as possible.

What most whites never think about is that 'crime' isn't a symptom of the 'black' man. Crime among blacks is the result born out of total desperation and poverty that HAVE BEEN CREATED FOR CENTURIES BY THE WHITE MAN!

The fact of the matter is if the white man did not want a 'black problem' then it should have left Africa alone. You can't civilize Africa. The white mans mind has no understanding of Africa. You cannot civilize Africa as a white man. You will only ruin it in the long run.

So I hope this guy will focuss more on the global elitists instead of the white man in general. I'm lily white, but if it came down to fighting for the black man or white elitists, I would be proud to be a BLACK MAN!
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