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Default New Oz Film - Depleted Uranium Is Genocide "Blowin' In the Wind"

New Oz Film -
Depleted Uranium
Is Genocide
Blowin' In The Wind
By Lynn Stanfield

I have just had the distinct privilege of viewing the Australian short film documentary titled Blowin in the Wind,.

Blowing in the Wind has been nominated for Academy Award; it premiered at a Newtown (Sydney) cinema, on Thursday, where it will run for one week, then moves to other major city centres (see < ).

The cleverly produced documentary is a wake-up call to Australians, exposing the dreadful, horrible, inhuman use of the material known as Depleted Uranium, (DU), as a projectile warhead, on all manner of arsenal and weaponry, being used to annihilate nations around the world.

DU is the weapons material of choice for all of the guided missiles and Bunker-Buster, bombs being rained onto the Afghanistan and Iraqi citizens in the senseless, unlawful invasion of these Middle-East countries. Tank shells, heavy calibre machine guns, ship-to-shore rockets and heavy guns, have poured thousands of tons of the miserable compound into the cities and countryside of affected battlegrounds, producing a wasteland of radioactively contaminated earth, water and air,

DU has a half-life, which is rated in millions of years.

So, not only the poor sods who are murdered by the blast or are left dismembered and crippled for the rest of their lives, suffering the effects of the blasted DU, those who survive are also effected. The contamination lingers in their food, drinking water and the air they breath, causing grotesque deformities and diseases, especially in new-born children.

Blowin in the Wind, was produced by New South Wales, North coast film producers, David Bradbury and Peter Scott, who, together with a team of very talented technicians, have put together a most powerful expose, on the manufacture and widespread use of Depleted Uranium weapons, with special emphasis on U.S. and Australian Defence Forces use of the miserable material.

The film draws attention to the lack of awareness amongst Australian residents, regarding the amount of exposure we have in this country, to the effects of DU. Already, cases of horribly deformed new-born babies are occurring in Australia, due to the huge amounts of DU weaponry being dumped onto our countryside in some of the most absurdly stupid and careless acts anyone could possibly imagine. If you want to know more about this dumping of DU into Australia and other serious challenges to you and your family for the future, might I suggest you make it your business to get to see Blowing in the Wind.

Some of the more amazing facts which are exposed in the film, concern the huge amount of cover-up by deliberate lying and either no announcements or outright denials about Australia,s complicit involvement in furnishing the supply of DU into the World,s atmosphere, soil and water. You will be stunned when you learn the number of large American Military Bases which exist on this island and more are planned through the Memorandums of Understanding, which are held by our leaders with the United States of America. You will be staggered.

I give this film five stars. I recommend it to all Australians, especially young Australians and Australians with young families. The film is considered to be suitable for 15 plus, however, outside the ugliness in the scenes of maiming and disfigurement, there is nothing which is beyond the comprehension of early teen-agers and I would thoroughly recommend the whole family view what is after all, real life, real time, everybody should know, type drama. I bet there will be some serious family discussion after you see Blowin in the Wind.

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