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Default Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

It's good to know one is not alone re: FPS.

True Billiard, "The Jews" wield more influence than their low numbers should account for.

The Jew does business. They are also responsible for many great things accross the whole social spectrum of the arts and sciences.

They are also one of the true people who's allegience is to yewah and not to the state which makes them enemy numero uno to the NWO.

The Muslims too are finding out that their bowing 5 times a day to an invisdible being is really pissing off Rothschild. Daring to build there towns over such light sweet crude has certainly been there undoing. Whats the joke God had on the Jews?...God sent them wandering for 40 years and then had them settle in...Israel! Missed by a few hundred clicks. Perhaps they're rectifying that as we speak.

Yes I concede they are a mischevious, arrogant bunch of bastards who need to admit they crucified there King and are paying for it 2000 years later. Still, they are human beings and the old Torah Jews are a good bunch. Do we call Sharon a "Jew" anymore than calling Bush a "Christian"? They are just arseholes in the service of power.

Yes there are certainly some pretty whacko things aimed for the middle East. I just dont want to lump all Jews in the same boat.

I also dont want to lose the international perspective on this. I blame WASP's far more than I blame Jews. I am open to being convinced otherwise. I just say the Jews are open as scape goats at this time. perhaps we simply need a more focussed language. Perhaps Fundamentalist Zionist?

I just dont want the debate to get bogged down into "It's The Jews"! It gets us nowhere.

I prefer to think that the shadow we project onto Jewery such as love of the material, love of money, hard of heart and racism would be better admitted in ourselves.

I admit there is certainly a great deal of evidence of elements of Jewery planting great subterfuge and mischeif.

DC...I know the feeling of to much spare time. You must understand how people kept in solitary confinement produce fine works of art out of match sticks.

May we keep the FPS on the computer screen.


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