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Default Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...

I don't think it is the legitimate homosexual community as much as the evil elites themselves who are pushing this gay-friendly agenda.
Most gays I have known are, as you say, willing to live and let live and value their privacy and practice discretion. Many gays I have met, though, do fear persecution and would like to see their basic citizenship rights protected if possible.
It is the Illuminati who want to destablilize the family and traditional values by promoting this alternative lifestyles agenda, and I have to agree with Mary, it won't stop there. Evil, especially Satanic evil, knows no lower limit.
Since it is self-destructive by nature, it cannot feed off itself. It is not self-sustaining like good; therefore it must continually lower the bar in search of more evil, like a vampire draining the lifeblood out of his victims.

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