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Default Re: They can't help themselves

I seriously have a degree of moisture building in my eyes though they are NOT tears of laughter at Howards latest.

The desperation of this man is embarrassing me to the point of tears.

It is so pathetic. Just so, so, so pathetic.

This has got to be the end of any shred of credibility that Howard has had hidden up his arse.

There simply cannot be any more. The list of stuff ups and lies has been endless. With no credible opposition the "Liberal" party will stay in power all be it with Costello.

People should not bag Costello so completely. He may be the grinning Cheshire Cat but he would never lower himself to this level.

You were always a pathetic, whining establishment boy Howard...and you still are.

I wish I had a time machine. I would go back to your high school years and beat you to a pulp and strongly suggest you stick to Law where you can lie every day to your hearts content with little public over sight.
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