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As for "Aliens" etc making scientific sense.

I cannot say that there are NO life forms outside of planet Earth. In fact I would be a fool to say that based on what we observe on planet Earth...that life goes everywhere. Such is the power of the life force. That we can observe billions of galaxies with billions of stars speaks for itself...good odds for the LGM people.

However, it is the AUTOMATIC assumption that from these DISTANT (to the point of being impossible to comprehend) stars come Beings far wiser, benevolent or not so benevolent, who are far technically advanced.

What is "scientifically" provable about that?

I postulate the same "theory" with exactly the same level of evidence...that WE are Gods mightiest creation in the Universe and He has bequeathed us a mighty brain to comprehend His will and marvel in wonder at His creation.

I say the meaning of life is to travel and explore Gods creation, the Universe, with peace on the mind in the spirit of spiritual and scientific discovery.

It's pretty predictable that in the Age Of Aquarius aliens would replace angels.
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