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Default Re: Is It Possible For Corporations To Keep Their Big Fat Noses Out Of Our Computers?

The fraterman is talking about "trojaning" someone elses computer. NOT using his local libraries hotmail account.

My own ethical nature on this subject says no to a private computer. If you wish to use Bill gates's, go ahead and crash the %^&$ out of it as well while you're their.

True, i of course forgot about the obvious internet cafes etc...

However, with the use of the net by terrorists and naughty bank hackers you will soon have to present I.D and your thumb to surf.

With the severe hiccups the net is causing the Globalists at the moment they mey never get to that point and simply head straight to war as the net is causing them endless headaches in the propaganda game.

One final thing have said endlessly who is afraid of the big bad NWO lackeys? So stand tall nigga.
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