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Snake13 wrote:
Alien life is more scientifically possible. And I also didn't deny the existance of god, I just had a different idea of god. Some things can't be blamed on man. Illness, hunger... However, aliens make since scientifically.
I will also say that spirituallity and magick make since scientifically, beyond most peoples' comprehension. However, magick can't perform no divine miracles. I really don't have a religion, just my own view of things.

Also, the dude who claims to be on the inside is obviously lying. if you were in deep enough to call yourself Illuminati, you wouldn't be posting on here and talking unless you had a death wish.
I realize that you don't deny the existance of 'god', and that you go to 'church'.

It's just that your 'god' happens to not only be created in the image of man, but is in fact man himself.

Scientology is about 99% Thelema and about 1% L. Ron Hubbard science-fiction comic books.

Scientology was started by the O.T.O.
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