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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

You poeople, with your hatred and fear of what you don't understand.

"They never give you a clean target to shoot at....."

"They're evil dudes"

Listen to yourselves, you fear what you don't understand, like most people.

I don't understand it - Kill it.

Do any of you know what happened to the Cathars? Their beliefs were feared and misunderstood by the Catholic church, so they were slaughtered. Read - it might do you good.

If the current global conspiracy is a perpetuation of the Nazi NWO, why is it in the manifesto of all Nazi organisations that masonry will be wiped out and that membership will be illegal????

There may be many American wings of Freemasonry, some AREN'T real masonry. Shriners, American Knights Templar, Demolay, Rainbow - Please - IT'S NOT FREEMASONRY

There are ONLY 3 degrees to masonry. No more no less, this 33rd degree bollocks is another fraterity, nothing to do with the recognised craft. If they want to ponce around with their swords and their losely based ritual, let them.

I swore an oath on the bible, I am a free man, of good repute and mature age. I am also a Master Mason.

Blaming Freemasonry for the evils of this world is akin to blaming spoons for Roseanne Barr being fat.

Get a grip people.
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