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Default Re: Let me ask one question of the anti-religious . . .

get real

technically it is what a christian believes that makes him a christian -not what he does . each individual christian is in some transition between what he was before and what he will become .continuous change is involved ,which is known as sanctification in the bible . i will agree that many christians don't behave in a way that makes christianity attractive , demonstrating the love of God ,but many do also.i could go on a monologue about the reasons for this ,but suffice it to say there are many teachings in the churches that are destructive deceptions ,poisonous doctrine injected by the enemy of our souls, that retard growth and are contrary to the scriptures . many are misled and misinformed ,resulting in behavior issues .

a christian is one who believes that human nature is flawed , that we sin because we are born sinners ,being descendants of Adam ,as the bible teaches .he believes that God and sin cannot co-exist and that God and sinful man cannot and do not have a relationship . and that man needs this relationship to be whole,to be restored to right relationship with his creator .and that God did what he had to do to restore it by becoming a man,in the person of jesus christ, and living a sinless life and willingly suffering torture and death on our behalf . just as one man's sin made us all sinners, here one man's obedience brought righteousness for all . so being a christian is accepting what was done for us ,which we couldn't do for ourselves,and having that relationship restored . that's the way i read it .
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