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Default Re: They can't help themselves

Wow awesome, arnt things suddenly getting interesting.

We are about to be attacked just like Iraq was within moments of completing a nuclear device and attack the west with NBC weapons!

Its strange, little john has built a reputation for being a shrewd and effective political manipulator why I wonder the sudden lack of finesse.
I mean I thought they pulled off the Pt Arthur thing rather well.
Gold star for you John.
Ongoing and recent performance has however and increasingly of late been at best sporadic.
I suppose those that own John feel he is in breach of contract of late and not delivering desired services to the agreed timetable.
Penaltys for breach of contract are knowen to be severe.
I guess they are also uhappy with the rothschild happy clappy Fabianites Labour barely able to "seem" to offer a semblance of opposition which I guess is important for the overall illusion, and wow no supprise completly back young John to the hilt yet again.
Well I suppose its for our own good.
We obviously have no idea whats good for us and it is best left to those in ivory towers who certainly know what is best for us and we had better not interferre.

I wonder what the next stunt will be, and how many of us will have to die in the next problem reaction solution senario about to be played out to cause the justification and implementation off the next revised, speeded up paradigm which we will of course demand to be implimented.
Those of religiouse faith extreme or otherwise have little to fear the next target will be us.

However the worm will turn as it always does and the time will come when those who have sold us out will suffer the pointy edge of the sedition laws they themselves implemented.
If we hold to our passions with focus and wisdom.

One day id like to see the whole story and look back on what is happening now with clear vision, to search and know every motive/action and otherwise with absolute clarity, truth would no doubt be far more exciting than the wildest fantasy we are currently capeable of.

Mmmmmm we arre knowen to be the test case for what is to follow in the rest of the world and I suppose all the flutter is because we havent been playing the game.
Yippie, I guess were not that bad after all.
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