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Default Re: Marxism

and where does your anti-american bullshit come from ? this is not an american thing-it's roots are european,if anything .

:-? American Economists like Milton Friedman etc. a Monetarist economist and others in the chicago school of ecnomics in the 1970s are very much the brains trust of Laissez faire style Liberalism globally and they are all american. This style of Capitalism is what most plebians know as Free trade or Globalisation!.
But added to this many American Libertarians have also added fruit loops like Ayn Rand and Fredrich Hayek to their Ecnomic rationalist dogma and have made it the modus operendi of post modern capitalism for the b boomers and all proceeding generations.
The difference for me personally is my folks are older than the b boomer gen so never fell into this Greed is good mentality which seems to come more from the US than anywhere else!.So to answer your question thats where it comes from!.

you are obviously well-educated appears you have swallowed some of the poison spewed forth by your fat socialist professors so that now ,capitalism and america are the scapegoats to all the world's problems . to that i say BS ! free market capitalism is responsible for the level of comfort you and i live in,a level unimaginable only a couple generatios ago, and is an essential to a free society .
Speak for yourself it has created no such comfort or good life for me! For employees that is what i have been for most of life.A Free trade economy is bad news for industrial relations and all kinds of issues related to wages and causalisation outsourcing etc.
For business i suppose it is good!. But capitalism needs both chiefs and indians both consumers and producers so to have all entrepenurs is just as stupid as having all workers. Empolyees need rights too!.
A good capitalist economy in my mind would be a good mixture of both not extremes of one or the other. I am not from a rural area nor was my father a business man he was a civil servant so I am not likely to have any entrepenurial habits in my conditioning.

I am not sure what kind of segment of the american demograhic is represented on this forum but it seems after being here atleast a month a good proporation are disgruntled small enterprise owners!.
In this case i cant really claim to understand all your concerns only those that seem more powerful than both of us. I am probly less powerful than you.
So i am being screwed by the system more than you any day.In many ways people like yourself are the system and represent it from my standpoint so why would we have the same interests!.
Your interests are not necessarily mine.Why would you assume they are. The forum sets no limitations on these issues so until it does i would expect certain degree of diversity on here!. :-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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