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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

It may be well to bear in mind that we, as consumers, are not complete innocent victims of the evil banking cartel, which includes the Federal Reserve.

No one forces us (yet) to own credit cards, or, in fact, to buy anything on credit. I know of people who live complete debt-free lives (including not having a mortgage), but such a life requires sacrifice and a willingness to live without a lot luxuries and extras.

We will always have to pay taxes, and the taxes in the Socialist countries of Europe are far higher than ours.

By blaming much of the economic problems on one particular ethnic group, we are not accepting our share in the responsibilty of the problem.
At least two (maybe three) of the bankers who sit on the Federal Reserve Board are Jewish. They probably do bear some responsibility in the economic disaster that seems to be looming before us.
But so do we.
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