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Default Re: "Hitler & The Search For The Holy Grail" - 28 meg WMV File.

Yes, i admittedly must read up.

No doubt many had a hand in WW2...including the Illuminati, but the thought of the German people as "unique" and "chosen people" has been around a long time.

Perhaps, like the tribe of Israel, being barbarians as opposed to slaves brings forth a certain inferiority complex which needs compensating. Especially when confronted with the sophistication of Rome. Also being surrounded on all sides does'nt help.

Getting a handle on WW2 and it's players seems to be proving more difficult the more I learn.

I dont like doubt and uncertainty. Just when i think i have a basic grasp something comes along to shake it.

If, in my reading, I find Hitler himself to be a full on Pagan/Occultist as opposed to a man who thought he was on a mission of God to rid the world of the anti-Christ Bolshevicks, I will be bitterly disapointed.

Between a rock and a hard place in fact.
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