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Default Re: What do you make of "The CIA's Internet Fakes"

Thanx for these links.

This got my attention...

If you want crop circles and other mindless drivel, go to Coast 2 Coast. If you want hard hitting interviews and honest analysis, the French Connection is the right choice.

I hav'nt had a chance to have a good look yet.

Kaminski gives a plug. I have differences with Kaminski but he is undoubtably one of the best writers on the web on a difficult subject.

Then Makow.

Then Dave McGowan of The Center For An Informed America.

Alex Jones.


Wading through the bullshit is like riding a bicycle. You get better at it as you go along.

I used to think Ruppert was the bees knee's and sat at the left hand of the Father...just below Christ. Then you learn better.
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