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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.


Then Christ was rejected by the majority of these very same people.

God laid a table and "Da Joooze" were busy with other things.

The rest is history and the last 2000 years have not been good for the Jew on a "quality of life" scale outside the material.

God came in person to ask his chosen people to let up and drop the rigidity. Time to lighten up. He got slapped in the face and others took up the cross. The Jew lost his place in Gods eyes at that moment.

The Jew has his valid place in history. An original people with an amazing story of survival as they brought forth a new age and a set of values from Moses that stands tall today.

You're 2000 years over done and the materialistic rigidity is getting boring. The desire for the Old Testament black and white is over and should not be thrown out, merely added to.

We are all O.T jews at heart. Thats why they do well in this iron dark age that we support. Time for us all to understand Christs relationship to the old way and why He came. Even if you dont "believe", surely any thinking person can understand the importence of the New Testament in our spiritual and material evoloution?

The sheer stubborness that was required to escape from slavery is to be admired and in fact i draw inspiration from the tribulations of the Jew. But there's a time and a place for it...the wars over Grandpa. Time to relax.
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