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Default Re: New Oz Film - Depleted Uranium Is Genocide "Blowin' In the Wind"

Hey barb, its been a while since I was in the services in Oz (ARES for a few years while at uni) and at that stage the Leopard tanks were useing the German tungsten carbide APFSDS amunition system.
What were the depleted uranium rounds the Aussie defense force were using, im assuming it would be the 25mm Bushmaster gun they introduced over the last few years and/or the 30mm gun on the Eurocopter about to be introduced?
Its interesting they are going this way as there is a wide opposition to useing NBC and other type "cheating" weapons both within the forces and the general population at large over here we dont even use landmines. (command detonated claymores yes)
Any info you could provide would be appreciated.
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