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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

Jews are the salvation of America?

Utter bullshit!

Ordinary Americans are their own salvation.

Anyone who belives that the people (generalisation many other issues are involved) with a major role in your own enslavement are your messiahs is clearly thinking in a distorted mode.
Things are not that simplistic, some say "the Jews are the ones with all the money so they are the ones who can get us out of this" why would they?
If they have been instrumental in the creation of this system that benifites them and enslaves everyone else (the suggestion of many), they have a vested interest in continuing the status quo.

In Australia you put a dollar in the bank, now the bank can lend this dollar out seven (7) times and gain interest on 6 dollars that actually do not exist.
In America im leed to belive it can be lent out up to 24 times.

This is the creation of money and in essence makes the rich richer and everyone else poorer.
This is illegal!
It is knowen at this stage that most of the money in the world has at no stage or will at any stage actually exist.
It used to be that a bank had to back up its money with preciouse metals and was not allowed to lend out more than it actually had to protect against collapse and impose some order on the finacial system, not anymore they called this deregulation of the banking system, billions in prophets just were not enough.
If you or I did this we would be in jaol very quickly, however if you call yourself a financial institution somehow an entirely different set of rules apply, if any.

Do you remember the Ethiopian famine in the early 80s?
The one where 4/5 million people died?
Well heres how it happened.
The arabs as most of you know have a lot of oil, they sell this oil for prophit, and in the 70s they all got together and formed a group called OPEC and controlled the production of oil and their prophits went up.
Now the arabs have all this money and they dont know what to do with it.
Arabs belive charging interest on money (Ursary) to be a crime and a Jewish practice so all this moneys sitting there.
The world bank comes up and says ok guys you have all this money sitting there and you cant loan it out and charge interest like the criminal jews so how about we take all your money and lend it to the third world for development, at a neglegable interest rate and everybody wins right?
Well yeah untill the world bank jacked the interest rate up several hundred percent not long afterwards and effectivly enslaved the entire third world in a debt noose.
Ethiopia in the midst of drought and a civil war and in 1983/4 still produced enough food to feed the entire population of africa but had to export most of it to pay debt re-payments to the World Bank (incidently controlled by Jews) and 4/5 million people died.
4/5 million deaths for no reason at all, that is the mentality of the people you are talking about at the stroke of a pen they kill millions for prophit on money that isnt theirs to begin with.
That is the world you live in and your childeren will live in, a world controlled allegedly by a group of people who belive they and only they are the chosen ones and everybody else is fit only to be manipulated and enslaved, a truely evil people if this is correct.

Ok, that said lets look at what happens when jews are removed from an economic system.
Germany 1920s - An economy in collapse, massive unemployment, war reperations exceeding national budget, etc etc total chaos and depression.
Adolph Hitler claims in the early 30s Jews and Free Masons are to blame and whips up a national frenzy of emotion and a cult following.
Adolph Hitler comes to influence in the 30s and within 2 to 3 years after removing all Free Masons and Jews from positions of influence suddenly Germanys economy is the strongest and most powerfull in europe - in 2 years?
From utter depression and servitude to the most powerfull economy in Europe in 2/3 years equalizing and exceeding the great British Empire.
How is this possible?

Look at what effect the unlawfull creation of Israel has had on the middle east and indeed the world, its been a blood bath ever since.

How would you describe the influence these people have had on us?
Mighty intelectual people who openly suggest that they and no-one else is worthy of god, haha? if this is so how can anyone treat them seriously, what they are good at it seems is lies and distortion, according to the bible (which many belive) they killed their own messiah because of greed.
The Jewish people (generalisation, group traights etc not nessesarily individuals) have a track record that no matter how much they try and cover up and prosecute those who disagree ADL and such, is self evident for anyone that chooses to look, and honestly would you trust them with anything.

Im sure certain elements are self evident however think for yourself, no one will save you, only yourselves.
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