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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

The arabs as most of you know have a lot of oil, they sell this oil for prophit, and in the 70s they all got together and formed a group called OPEC and controlled the production of oil and their prophits went up.
Does anyone believe a bunch of filthy 3rd world Arabs, off their own backs, got together to tell the noble white man at what price the oil would be sold for?

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Inbetween fucking high class European models in the rectum (thats not cheating you see :lol and generally neglecting their local populations, the wonderful and noble Arab royalty, who are dead against interest! (They have morals ya know!) are pouring the profits in to Wall Street and elswhere to keep the Imperial Mobilization going. The Arab filth put in place by the Globalists for the interest of the Globalists will do as they are F'ing told lest they wake up in the morning with a heart attack...or maybe stray off into the desert short a powerade or 2.

Who can blame Usama for wanting to knock off the lot of them. I dont believe good old Usama works for Uncle Sam nor his Saudi handlers.

I think Usama works for Allah.
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