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Default Re: What do you make of "The CIA's Internet Fakes"

I just had a quick look through.

Is there a site dealing with conspiracies that's NOT listed? :-D

I mean, it could well be the CIA saying to themselves: "Damn, these internet sites! We tried to hoodwink them and control them through our agent Victor Thorn (a.k.a. Scott Magufka) and his partner Lisa Guiliani of WING TV (articles <a href=";read=71407">HERE</a>, <a href="">HERE</a> and Kaminski on the case <a href="">H ERE</a>) but they didn't fall for it. I know! Let's list ALL conspiracy sites and say they are run by our own operatives; that will make everyone lose confidence in them. If we can't control them, we can discredit them. Let's see if it works."

Like always, everyone have to use their discriminating mind and their judgement and compare it to their own lived experiences. If they fit and complement eachother then there you go.
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