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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

Lawerence of Arabia once described the arabs as a race of individual geniuses.
A hero to the Empire and terrorist to the Germans.

I dont belive they (the Arabs) are stupid by any means, selfish greedy corrupt and more definatly but then again so is virtually everyone else, the difference is in the west the corruptors wear suits and are institutionalised.

Yes I agree the arabs are definately part of the equation as far as globalisation is concerned the actions of OPEC etc I see as competeing factions of the global group each pushing its own agenda and frequently crossing into each others perceved turf.

This however takes nothing away from how the Jewish/Zionst faction have performed, indeed the injustice of this group is the most easily defined.
For example the jews of the bible do actually "geneticly" still exist and they are the Palistinians.
The European hook nosed jew comes from the Khazar tribe in the caucuses who converted around 800ad and comprise ninty seven percent of todays jewish population.
Genticly the original semites of the bible are the Palistinians.
How insane, the original semites are being persecuted by so called Jews who come from the borders of europe and asia that converted some time afterwards.
The existance of Israel is therefore an absolute corruption and completely unjust.

We do indeed live in interesting times.
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