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Default Re: "Hitler & The Search For The Holy Grail" - 28 meg WMV File.

Yeah Wien in the 20s was a very interesting place.
Read up about the Vriel society and the Society of the Black Sun and you will begin to understand a bit of what Hitler and the others were trying to achieve.
Germanic and Scandinavian refferences to Hyperbornea and an Aryan root race and a lost age, remanents of which still existed in the runic pagan religions of Germany Scandinavia and the Celts of Scotland and Ireland.

Its interesting that Hitler attempted several times to engineer a truce with the English even saying they could keep their entire empire if they choose not to interfere with Germanic expansion in the east.
Churchill of coarse would have none of it and his position within the globalist agenda is well knowen.
The Germans considered the English or moreover the Celts to be their brothers and in sync with their global plan.
The English royal families real surname is as most will know SaxCoburg-Gother and are of coarse Germans, the surname was changed to Windsor during WW1.
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