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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

How about the fact the the original brain behind the brilliant idea of Problem Reaction Solution is none other than God himself?
Ah yes! Brilliant NOMAD.

But is that God? Or Gods helper the devil?

I once had a dream where i walked around a street corner and their was God and the devil playing chess! I asked God why in the hell He was playing with his mortal enemy? He said that they had been friends for millenia and the devil was a vital part of his unfolding.

Whatever the truth of ancient mysteries and theological debate I have found from personal experience that when i stray from truth i get bonked on the head. When i deny my internal compass and for me ego's wishes head off south instead of the lessons begin.

We are about to get a giant lesson because we refuse to grow up and take up our cross on this Earth.

God emptied himself of divine power and did it, so can we.

AKBAH: you are letting little predjudices get in the way of understanding. Who cares if Christ was Jewish? They earned the right. He did it for you too.

The 4 Gospels do it for me every time. The witness to these events. So full of little details and nuences that you would have to be a VERY cunning writer to make it sound like you are describing historical events. In fact when you see a movie that is REALLY good from the point of view of the writing, you can gaurantee the author is writing from personal experience. The only way you get the little details that make it authentic.
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