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Default Re: Jews are Americas salvation.

Actually the apostole paul states that the hebrews will come back under Gods fold but these are not the zionist nor the majority of the called jews wich by the way is a non bibilical term.

The scripture states that the vast majority of those claiming hebrew genes or linage will be killed by the beast in the war for jerusalem as written in the book of revelation, only a remanant will come out alive, those that accept the one they killed 2k years ago as Lord.

what realy gets me is how those that call themselves jews choose to ignore everything but the torah as part of the divine scriptures, they very cleverly hide there true nature buy not using those books.

In fact you could say that the greatest anti jewish book in history is the book we call the old testamen.

Just by reading it we can see how foolish incompetent and stupid are those that rejected their, God the one that gave them so many victories and so much fortune.

The book of ezekia 31 states that God will bring them back to Jerusalem in non belief and i truly belive that among the zionist facist that rule jerusalem and the world is hidden the true seed that will someday inherit jerusalem and rule with our savior from their together with the church who will be in heaven.

So yes I do believe that its scriptural that the world will be blessed because of the hebrews but i separate these kazars/askenazi synoguge of satan from the real seed.

Nomad are you kazar? Are you sure?
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