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Default Re: Dis-information.

Anyone can quote the Bible and anyone can quote the Quran.

I am delighted regarded this heated debate and....

I am sick of this rediculous mentality of my God is better than yours!!!!!!!!!

My religion is better than yours is a bunch of Hoowie!

As my son would say, "Don't hate. Appreciate."

Both religions comes from days gone by when not one of us here were present. Both Holy books are a testament of faith. We are not at war with those who share faith. We are not at war with those who share God. We are at war with the Devil and he is a greedy bastid who is attacking the innocense of our youth.

I will make it clear once more. I worship God, not an idol. God. Jesus is my hero. If I could be half the woman that He is a man... The Holy Spirit flows through the heart of humanity.

Jesus is a light of compassion.

I have read the Bible and continue to do so. I also read the Quran.

Islam is fighting to protect their way of life from the West and rightly so! Western society is a sexual quagmire of greed, deception, and ignorance.

Maybe the Islam religion is scary to others because of their foreign customs. Christianity seems to want to paint them as completely oppressive to woman, and what does the Christian Western society do to a woman?

Send her out to work, make her a greedy bitch, praises her for messing up the family unit and abandoning the family. We as a Christian Canadian country sanction the homeless families that are how many? We as a Christian Canadian country have welcomed the pedophile, reward him with lenient to no sentences in minimum security facilities, only to release hinm to the community while the police cry, "There's a molester on the loose."

I say we set him free to prey on the children. Is this not one subject, children, that we as parents of both religions can agree on?

We need to protect the children and pray for each other. God has children of every race and every religion, all over the world.

Stop hating and appreciate the differences. Islam does not believe in interest on money. How far would these NWO jackasses have got if North America was a Moslem nation.

There is good and bad in everything. One mans cure is another man poison.

Peace be unto everyone
Peace be unto every child.
Peace :lol:

Mary XXX
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