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Default Re: Let me ask one question of the anti-religious . . .

Gee Billiard:
Didn't mean to upset you or argue with you.
Seems too many Christians use Christianity to hide behind, oh and be saved as well. Because what if there really is a hell. The same for other religions. Yes, I mentioned the bible because the bible (for many) is not 'seen' as fundamental as many Christians see it. When I first read the bible some 40 years ago, I just couldn't understand why Christians 'don't get it'. Do I belong to Mensa, NO. Do I actually know who wrote the bible, NO. But there is something to be said about those that can see 'blueprints' in the bible. Are there good things in the bible, sure. I hope that you and others will not get angry when I say that some of these conspiracy sites and members believe that the whole "Jesus" thing is one of the greates hoaxes. I've even known "Christians" who openly admitted it. So why do they go along with it. Figure it out.
I appreciate reading all sites, we all gain some knowledge of something. Let's be adult, and share, and leave in peace. :-)
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