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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

Once you learn the symbolism behind it then it would be crystal clear. I have learned not to view the prophets and other names in the Bible as individual people. I view them as concepts that have been personified. So to me Mary respresents a community of people who never had a prophet. So that makes it a virgin. Due to the community being pure and regardful of God. God blessed them with his "word" (Jesus). The Jewish leaders resented (Mary) because they no longer followed the words of the Rabbis, they followed the word of God. You see the father of Jesus means that the knowledge of Jesus came from God and not Jewish leadership. The battle between Jesus and the Jews were that they wanted to become gods on earth and Jesus only wanted to worship one God who was the creator of all. When you see it in this light then that should help see why things are happening today.
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