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Default Re: biblically speaking!

Akbar wrote:
Muhammed brought The holy Quran and the light of God (Islam). The establishment of Islam itself is enough. It is the only religion or political ideology that has led to the greatest civilizations. How many races of people outside of whites can say that about Christianity. In fact Islam gave the west the light that it has now through it's interaction with Spain. History shows that it was the only occupation in human history in which more was given for the upliftment of the people than anything taken away from them. At that time Spain was the light of the world. When the Muslims were kick out, Spain never recovered. That light that Islam first brought the world is going to return. The prophecy that Muhammed gave was that the
blacks in America would be the ones to resurrect the light and in turn resurrect the entire world to what God wants for mankind. This would be the greatest miracle of all.
I have on many occasions compared the "Holy" Koran

to the Torah and New Testament ... I have yet

to see how with all due respect the Koran is

a little better than a comic book ... just look

at how technologicaly backwards the Muslims are

... just look at how Japan is doing just fine

without the Koran ... the examples are endless.
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