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Default Re: Let me ask one question of the anti-religious . . .

To madkhao,
Because when you tell someone to 'go away . . .,' especially for the purpose of having a certain or any religion, it tends to make seem, especially in a forum full of freedom fighters, like there is no freedom to worship.

I've never told a non-believer to get out . . . I was always taught to practice tolerance. I just feel that for others not to show it, especially to or from someone who believes in a forgiving and tolerant God, is just distastful.

Have I ever told anyone, "EWE, you're an athiest! Get out!" Nope . . . I never have. I do expect to be respected by others in the way I respect them.

Now back to the point . . . all I've seen so far are my questions being answered by more questions.

That's like the wife catching you looking at a nudie mag, and you reply 'what nudie mag?'

Now I'm looking for serious answers here, and it looks like its going to become a flame thread. That's not cool. If you guys who are non-believers who cannot accept believers here cannot answer . . . or if you guys who are non-believers who cannot accept the discussion of God . . .

Look at it this way . . . some people were scared enough to ask ME to ask . . . hey, you're people.

If God is just a make-believe person in the sky . . . then what are YOU afraid of?

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