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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

Akbar wrote:
Sons of god? I thought Jesus was the only son of god? The question you should ask is why is satan making a cross on earth? It only means that satan is using religion to turn the people away from worshipping God. He has the people worshipping him. The sons of god are praying to God. God asked satan how did you get into the prayer that should be for God. Basically, how did you get the sons of god to worship you. Satan's response is he makes the symbol of a cross. Just get a pen and some paper. Take the pen and write on the paper the movements that satan decribes. What does it look like? Jesus died on the cross?
Hahah, nice work.

You hit the nail on the head! But isnít this obvious by now? Or have I been talking to the wall?

Religion was converted to Satanism at the beginning of this era. There is proof of this. Ask me if you cannot see it.
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