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Default Americas Terror Machine

Americas Terror Machine:
1.federal Reserve: the (illegal enterprise) money is the root of all evil.
2.CIA: drugs,assasinations,terrorists training,ect.
3.ACLU: Anti christian lawyers union. working hard to overthrow the (Godly) way of life.
4.The Republican and Democratic (Parties) Enough is ENOUGH!
5.School of the Americas: Im sure they changed they're name by now, but they are responsible for all the BLOODY terrorism throughout S.America and C. America.----FT.BENNING GEORGIA.
6.Council on Foreign Relations: Over 2000 members working (hard) to destroy the (AMerican DReam).
7.Planned Parenthood: The Genocidal (NAZIS) of our time.
8. can't think anymore too much alchohol in system, and for all the fucks who responded negatively to the JEWS are Americas Salvation Post. FUCK OFF!

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