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Default Re: biblically speaking!

LaDominio wrote:
Do you see what comes of religion?


You fight over your beliefs because you think this is what your god wants you to do? Bullshit… A book cannot tell you the truth, I promise you this.

How many people have been dehumanised, robbed, murdered, raped over 'religion'? Millions upon millions! In fact, has it ever been any other way? Religion is usually the excuse for atrocities like genocide racial cleansing, to name but a few.

Makes me ill to see this stupidity continue after two thousand of years of hell.

You should seriously think of converting to the

Jewish way of thinking. The word "religion" does

not even exist in the Hebrew language. If we

don't have it, you don't need it. If you

have it (like everybody else) you are in

serious trouble and you will be trouble

for everybody else. Exactly what you are saying


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