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Default Re: "Red" Rosa Parks: Fabricating an American Icon

I fail to see how calling a black american icon a communist should wake up the black people who are in the dark about the new world order. Truth or not. I imagine a different reaction from their people should they read this.

It seems to me about as effective as prussian blue with her swastikas and stop immigration signs. Perhaps that IS the only solution - to speed up the agenda so everything can be done and over with already.

You seem to forget while you sit in front of your pcs that most poor people don't own one.
And if they do, most people are preoccupied with survival before gratification before enlightment.
You forget, you don't know or you don't care.

Anybody who can't imagine a world without a political 'label' is a communist.
Anybody who can't imagine living without a government system is for the system.

CIA internet fakes? Now I know why the site was listed.

I'm at the point where I believe the new world order is 'natural crisis' and we can't do anything to stop it, we can only stop from creating or adding to the crisis ourselves. Therefore Barbara, I apologize for my harsh words earlier. Good luck with your mission.
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