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Default Re: Bible Study - Let us ponder together

Saturnino wrote:
The sons of God controversy is really no controversy at all. It just means angels, who were created by God
The fact that Jesus was called Son of God (capital S) means that He is the Son in the godhead, a position, a function, not an indication of being an offspring. It indicates that He, even though being God Himself, subjects to the Father in certain matters, such as when He came to earth. That's their deal, so to speak. I guess they could have called God the boss and God the subordinate, but again that wouldn't be correct 100% because they are NOT inferior in any way to each other, but equal persons of the godhead doing different jobs.
The same explanation goes to the expression Son of Man. It indicates the human side of Jesus. He was both Son of God (fully God) and Son of Man (fully man).
He had to be a real man, and not a fake, so He could redeem men. Sin entered the world thru one man, Adam, and had to be dealt with by the sacrifice of a sinless man, Jesus.

About the other posts, one has to be very sure of what he is saying before confronting 2,000 years of scholarship and people who gave sometimes their lives to the study of the Bible. You don't just wake up and say that you think Jesus married Mary Magdalene. Most people who say those absurd things have never really read the Bible at all.

Another huge reason to believe that the Bible is true is that it is a book of Revelation, that God gave to men to direct and guide them in the way of salvation. If the Bible is tampered, a fake, it means God can't even do this one thing right, which is to guide us and preserve His own revelation in the way He wants. It means we are pretty much lost with a powerless God. Not the case !
Does that mean one should not worship the son of God? As Exodus 34:14 states:-

For thou shalt worship no other god: for the Lord whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:
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