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Default Re: Let me ask one question of the anti-religious . . .


I really look for the day when all the people can debate without hating each other.

As for the "we are born sinners", i believe it is not a logical idea for two reasons,

1- If Adam and his wife sinned, why would i be responsible for their deed? i am sure that some of my relatives are evil, would that make me evil by blood?

2- Would God send us to the test without means of answering the questions ourselves? i mean why wouldn't WE be able to redeem ourselves by ourselves?

But anyway i believe that all of us ate from the forbidden tree, not only Adam and Eve, and that's why God sent us to take this makeup test, however i believe also that the record starts from ZERO SINS from the moment of inception till the age of 40 as per Quran. Because Adam and his wife asked God for forgivness for the original sin, and God did redeem us all from this sin only, however we had to come here to purify ourselves from the traces of doubts in His absolute authority (doubts developed when we accepted Satan's invitation).

I also believe that no soul can carry the sin of another, everybody is accountable individually, and the test is here and now, every minute you can say NO or YES to Satan, there is no such easy way out of "i accept Jesus, i am free". This is just to make you think.

P.S: If the owner of this thread doesn't want any other subjects on his thread, please let me know.


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