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madkhao wrote:
I'm sorry, could you specify what it is you 'believe' more than most of us? Thankyou.
Specify? I doubt it, but I'll try.

Hollow earth theory, Planned depopulation, Human Genome Project, MKULTRA, HAARP, Chemtrials, Microwave mind control, Eugenics, Vaccination Assault on the Species, Fortress Europe, Mantauk, Uriel's Machine, Coral Castle, The perceptible world, Trilateral Commision, Dominant Gene, Origins of Humankind, The bloodline of The Christ, Planet X, Apollo 11, 9/11, Lucis Trust, The Men Who Stare at Goats, 1st Earth Batallion to name but a few........

Madkhao - don't take it as a personal slur - please.
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