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Default Re: Leftist garbage denouncing 'white' 'hyperreligious' woman for having 16 kids

Barbara wrote:
Thumper, it is obvious you and I both have a problem with these people who talk out of both sides of their mouth.

My big question for the above columnist is, "What the hell business is it of hers/his how many kids the Duggers have or what they name them as long as they can support and care for them without getting into anyone else's pocket?"
Even though popular Right and Left political movements are both contrived by the NWO, I find that the Left to be much more the brainwashed of the two. This guy has long left behind his critical thinking skills that all human beings should have and is instead invoking his politically correct Pavlovian dog training.

Statist worshipping Liberals usually react violently to anything that smacks of independence from government/mainstream 'culture', before they even know what's going on. Just look at all the criticism doled out to homeschoolers and how they lack 'real world experience' of fitting condoms onto wooden dildoes or homosexual indoctrination via 'Heather Has Two Mommies' or how to be a gangbanger. Nevermind that homeschoolers have been dominating the geography and spelling bee circuit, by not being a part of the degenerate collective, something clearly must be wrong with them. :-o

I watched an hour-long show about this family and talk about people with their shit together. While I cannot imagine being able to do what they have done so well, I do not condemn them for doing what they have the individual freedom to do. Quite the contrary, I commend them.
Likewise, I'll commend anyone who is self-sufficient and isn't a drain social services.

In the way our society is set up where they encourage every single group that isn't white or christian or gay to have their minority agenda forced onto everyone else, I think I'll commend anyone who has the common sense to leave the rest of us the fuck alone. :-P

As you said, those like the columnist above consider 16 - or 1,600 - illegal immigrants a boon to the economy but HORRORS!!! THESE ARE WHITE KIDS!!! Matters not that they are loved, wanted, well cared for and well educated (home-schooled) AT THEIR PARENT'S EXPENSE! OMG, they are even being taught personal responsibility and good manners!!

It just goes to show how thoroughly screwed up the minds of some are in this country. Sometimes I despair.
Most liberals are not intellectually honest. Their whole ideology is one huge contradiction from the word go (i.e. 'forced tolerance equals freedom'). Hell, look at how they keep championing Islamic immigration and their 'rights' that would one day force women to wear burkhas, and not a peep from CIA backed Gloria Steinem :-P :-P

The whole idea, of course, is class warfare, although I have to wonder what goes through the heads of the lower level Marxists who don't yet realize this.
\"six or seven men can plunge the nation into war, or, what is perhaps equally disastrous, commit it to entangling alliances without consulting Parliament at all.\"

--Andrew Carnegie
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