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I cannot state PROOF, but only that which I believe.

I saw a freemason ritual (DeMolay, which are, generally, junior masons) and I SENSED the mockery of a religious ritual in progress.

At first, I said to myself, 'okay, ya know what, its a frat club, is all, and everything will be okay.'

However, everytime I went to one of them, I'd pull words and phrases out that just seemed 'wrong,' so I decided to do a little bit of research at the library.

And then there were the symbols. I saw a pentogram . . . that's not cool to a Catholic . . .

And so, after I researched a few different things, I said, 'fuck it, lets look for books on satanism.'

And guess what I found . . . I found that a lot of the 'code words' that they used were actually derivatives of phrases that were written by the likes of Crowly and LaVey . . . Alisdair Crowly being what he was, and Anton Szandor Lavey, being the self-proclaimed 'black pope of satanism' (who, by the way, humored me that he used to be a caliopy player)

Its a big cult . . . without all the inconveniences of having the leader sleep with yours and everyone elses wives, while you go to work just to sign your check over to some lunatic who has a way with words. Its even bigger than Jehovas Witnesses . . . which in and of itself isn't BAD, it just doesn't seem right.

And then there was all this stuff about brotherhood, and never EVER letting a brother get into trouble . . . well, if a brother of mine robbed a bank and killed 20 people . . . does that mean if I knew it was him, am I expected to go down with him if he told me and I did nothing? That would make me an accomplice, wouldn't it?

Looking back at it now, if I were to stick with it, I'd probably be in a much better working position, making a hell of a lot more money than I am now. But is my eternal soul worth the temporary life down on earth?

And the points of view that was suggested that I had to believe in, even if I didn't agree with it? Isn't that just a bit one sided? I mean Catholics debate each other, they scrutinize the church, hell the church scrutinizes God . . . at least there is free will, even with the church. I just will myself to do the right instead of the wrong.

It's not proof, but its what I believe, and that's what was asked, right? Why we believe the masons are generally bad?

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