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Default Re: Let me ask one question of the anti-religious . . .

get real

as for christians who admit the "jesus thing" is a hoax , they are not christian ,and probably never were . you asked for a definition of "christian" but believe the "jesus thing" is a hoax. is that not being disingenuous?

i also don't know what you mean when you say "hide behind christianity" . can you be specific .?

and what is it that christians "just don't get"? am i a member of mensa? no. could i be if i saw any value in it? probably .so what? what's the point? that you are intelligent? you are intelligent .that's obvious . so what? so are other people .intelligence is not necessarily a great blessing .the happiest people i have known have not been the most intelligent. it's good to know things but better still to be happy .so intelligence can be an obstacle .tell me ,what is it that i "don't get"?

what in the world do you mean when you say there are "blueprints" in the bible? blueprints for what? i certainly don't get that part . maybe i'm not so intelligent after all.

it is a historic fact that jesus was put to death by the roman government. it's recorded by secular and jewish historians(josephus ,for one)so saying he didn't exist is to ignore fact . the only question is ,is the bible's account of WHY he was crucified the truth? i believe it is .why? because it makes sense to me . the bible makes sense to me, but if i didn't want it to, it probably wouldn't. i guess we all believe what we want to believe .i want to believe in God ,in his inherent goodness,that he loves me as an individual ,that he answers prayer and that he watches over me and my loved ones .do i believe it because i want to or because it's in the bible? both i think,but if it weren't in the bible,i don't think my wanting to would be enough .what i don't understand is why you don't want to believe it.
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