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Default Re: 20 Amazing Facts About Voting In The USA

I couldn't get far in that Swiss site. However Barbara why not consider something closer to home - Canada?

Although things could change, our voting system is transparent, cheap, and quick. You could compare the 20 things wrong with the US system, which are of course wrong on purpose, or the 3 things that are right with the Canadian system.

First of all there is a technology called paper, and we write on it, this is a called a ballot. Seems to be a proven technology, so why change?

Second of all, there are people called volunteers, from all the parties (there are more than 2). These volunteers scrutinize every ballot as it comes out of the cardboard box (not a computer unfortunately).

Third of all, these volunteers want to go home - the same day! So, like, the votes are counted that day! Can you believe it?

We know who won the election, the night of election day. Of course this is amazing beyond belief. But what really is amazing is why America would want their system. Just another aspect of mind control - try asking a politician to justify black box voting....

Is it transparent, cheap, quick, and reliably so?

It can never be cheap compared to old ways, so obviously there is an ulterior motive.
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