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Default Re: Thinking about joining, anyone with me?

get_real wrote:
Hello Yeoshua:
Can you please tell me (just a plain jane here), what Freemasonry is all about? Can you tell me anything that they do? Just asking.
Sincerely, get_real :-)
Hi get_real

Our three founding principles are: Truth, Relief and Brotherly Love.

The entered apprentice is taught that his family is more important than anything else in his life.

We work for charity (My Province recently raised over 240,000 for charities).
We perform in a series of moral plays that symbolise the struggle of 'the man' and attempt to guide the individual to be what we call 'A worthy man'. None of our ceremonies are adverse to any of our moral teachings, that is, they all point to the benefits of honesty, fidelity, piety and respect for the laws of the country in which we live and also the benefits of education.

After that, we gather in a social meeting, share jokes, toast other worthy men and our sovreign (if we have one) then we go home.

I promise you.


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