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Default Re: The Dawn of Aquarius - A New People, A New Consciousness, A New Era

Less than a century later the British Empire is no more and the traditional European monarchs a vague memory.

Someone should tell MI6 and The City of London.

The victims of history will soon be the victors as the Earth is bathed in the Great Light of the Aquarian Age.
"I am with you Comrade! Soon the Utopian dream of paradise on Earth will be ours! Anyone who gets in the way can have their throats cut! Such is the price of our peaceful desire for paradise!"

Change will come about one person at a time. The dark side of the Age of Aquarius is the Aquarian nature of lack of individual human compassion and change on the mass movement scale with little regard for anyone else.

I say we give the Age of Pisces a go before we crash on through to the next disaster.
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