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Most freemasons haven`t enough power to be "the architects and engineers of the NWO". The international banksters controlling also the international corporations are. As well as the Brjezinsky or Kissinger kind of theoreticians they employ.

Freemasons just play a childish "secret society" game and make easier to the real "architects and engineers of the NWO" to find the sort of pawns they need for their own mortal game: power- and secret-lovers, antichristians (most freemasons are proud to be "free" of any religious belief), convinced of the necessity that an "elite" rule the "ignorant mass" and of course "philanthropic" enough to see themselves in the role of that "elite".

Those freemasons (politicians, "artists", corporation managers, etc) who help to construct the new planetary liberal-fascism of the gangster-banksters are only pawns. However, the fact these pawns are always high-degree masons proves enough the pernicious spirit of the freemasonry. Of course, honor to the exceptions.
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