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Default Re: Junior economics question II: what's this obsession with economic growth?

it's hard, as I'm an engineering type, and still trying to wrap my head around economic crap. This concept is starting to gell in my head.

If there is a stable population, economic growth keeps the population "treading water", while more money gets dragged into the hands of the rich. If there was no economic growth, then living standards of the populace would have to decay to maintain the cash flow.

I think with the illegal immigration thing, they are augmenting the process. Low paid immigrants displace people onto welfare. Living standards on the whole are reduced, i.e. the immigrants take less money, and those on welfare certainly aren't that rich.

The rest of us tread water and have a scapegoat for higher taxes, while average standards go down.

'Dunno if that made a lot of sense...
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