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Default Re: Let me ask one question of the anti-religious . . .

Hey Billiard:
When I said I don't belong to Mensa, I was making light of being just plain folk and seeing more to this bible than the whole Jesus concept/idea whatever. And I can see your passion in your belief, that's really fine with alot of people. But I'll just jump to your last question: 'why I don't want to believe'. So what that I don't? So WHAT? I do not believe I'll go to some hell/damnation for not believing what you have to say. I never said anyone is going here or there if they don't go along with me.
And yes, people do hide behind "Christianity", and here in Pinellas COunty, Florida is living proof. Wish you could visit. YOUR eyes might just widen. The Christians here would be the first in line to pull the 'levers' in any torture chamber (with a grin on their face!)
Believe me I KNOW!!! I was going to elaborate on my bad experiences, but I won't. I do not fear the idea of death, I've come close many times.
However, I've known many religious fanatics who feel it is their given right to attack, yes I'm talking especially (here we go again) the Christians. I feel you are a good person Billiard, and ya know what? So am I.
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