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Ahmad wrote:
Peace Yeoshua,

If there are masters, there must be slaves!, how would this hierarchy benefit anyone, do you think a healthy relationship can be based on inequality?

Also, why do you have secrets? why would anybody hide something?


I believe you are mis-interpreting the term 'Master' think not of it as Master/Slave, moreover Master/Apprentice, if Stonemasonry is our allegorical tool, then there is a natural hierarchy for the Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason.

Let's look at conteporary cinema, the Padowan learner is still answerable to his Jedi Master - LOL Mind you so is the Sith lord (maybe a questionable example).

And our secret are ONLY for us to identify one another, I will tell you anything about Masonry EXCEPT how we identify ourselves.


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